Omni Food Products

Omni Food is a leading name in the food manufacturing and distribution industry in North America. The company was founded with the objective of manufacturing, exporting and distributing Canadian high quality household brands such as Omni, Unico and Primo brands globally.

Wide Product Range

Omni Food offers one of the largest ranges of authentic food ingredients in Canada. The brand encompasses over 160 authentic ethnic food lines in a variety of sizes which cover consumer, catering and bulk needs.
The range includes kidney beans, lentils, rice, sauces, flours, pasta, spaghetti, refined edible oils and more.

Exclusive Dealership & Distribution Arrangements

In addition to exporting and distributing our own products, we are open to offering our products to global Importers / Wholesalers / FMCG Stores / Supermarket Chains / Distributors for exclusive markets and territories distribution in North / South America, Asia, Middle East / Africa and Oceania. We are interested in and ready to stand by companies focused in doing business and open their world to a new frontier of safer, healthier, and innovative foods in a long term.
Our commitment to quality service standards has been recognised by a number of industry awards. If you would like to see how we can be of service to you, please contact us